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GLOOMY BEAR by cremecake Onigui by Warioware1999
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Hey there, I'm Claire-Drake-Corrupt, a large fan of Ao Oni, and other fandoms! :D I REALLY hate my previous life on Social Media *Cough*FlameWars*Cough*, so I decided to start over, and DeviantArt is the perfect place for me. I hate myself sometimes due to my foolish decisions. I was a pretty ignorant person back then, but I still am in certain ways, but I won't act like a fool when other people try to bother me...

Please, if you want to comment on my profile to just annoy me, refrain from doing so. I'm a very boring person, and you won't get anything fun out of me by trolling me. So just go on your way, and bother someone else worth while that won't waste your time.

Have a good day.

My Twitter-
My Google+…
My Wattpad…

All requests are free, but I won't draw ANYTHING sexual, I'm a shitty drawer anyways.

Gengar by Re-tho Banette Stamp by 404fggt Stamp FullMetalAlchemist by AdryJustend MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokitty
AoOni Stamp by NecroMasterSyl Beerus dancing stamp by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 STAMP: J-Rock by Esjitu Peridot stamp by imsosad0009
Loves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae Yo-Kai Watch Stamp by SimlishBacon I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27
I Love Ghost Types Pokemon Stamp by bojangle387 Pokemon Stamp by Magegirl-Nino computer stamp by Kataang-furuba Warriors Stamp by WarriorsClub
Koro-Sensei Stamp by Kazumi-Senpai Ib stamp by Daiki-nim Opinion stamp by TheCynicalHound Invader Zim Stamp by Madved
ayy lmao Stamp by glustora Randall Boggs Stamp! by xRandomGurl Snartle Stamp by SimlishBacon Dimmy Stamp by SimlishBacon
Mr. Widemouth stamp by AriaGrill Opinions Stamp by bladebandit + + Stamp + + by eikosalia Stamp by Kataang-furuba


"Kill Your Heroes" kinda sounds depressing or even scary/insane lyrics wise, I can't really pull out the meaning, but it might be saying that you shouldn't waste your life worrying, and being scared of death, as everyone dies in the end in some point of their life, so you should be happy and live your life happily with the time you have. The song it's self, and lyrics, are a bit insane, but it has a somewhat good meaning if you dig deep enough.
I find "Run" by AWOLNATION to be kinda better than "Sail".

And then there's "I am"
I actually changed the name of my Twitter account. Nobody has pointed it out though-
How everyone on the team sees each other:
Badude and Chummer are buds, but they sometimes fight over who gets the last hit in battle

B3-NK1 doesn't have any preferences, and kinda wants to be the leader of the team. He's normally noble acting and stuff like that.

Blandon, the leader of the team, is like a normal Blandon, quite, wants to be left alone, but is loyal to the team. He looks up to B3-NK1 due  to his bravery, and righteousness. You could say he has a very small, crush on him, yet he acts neutral around him.

Noko is very friendly, yet is kinda jealous of everyone else's power, and is sometimes the laughing stock of the gang. He's the team tank, healer, and inspiriter though.

Multimutt is actually kinda nasty to everyone. Especially Noko. He often mistakes him for a chew toy.
I have eye irritation and a headache from staring at my 3DS and playing Yo-Kai Watch all day non-stop.

Totally worth it-
PurpleCrumbs and Marlon Webb are my spirit animals. All of their vines are loud, hyper and random(Minus the cocaine because druggies are a no no)
I had a few Pokemon/Yo-Kai fusions a while ago, including Azurequaza, Girachitori, and Groukui.
Headcannon: Almost every Yo-Kai can fuse with each other, and with certain items(kinda like in the game) but since their souls are intertwined when they fuse, they sometimes have two personalities that might not like each other, so they can't hold their fusions sometimes. An example would be my fan fusion Onikuidos(Gargaros and Onikui) who don't like each other, so their fusion is unstable.
Why can't you play as this character in Yo-kai Watch as your main character????…
Compunzer and U.S.O. The Meme lords of the Yo-Kai World.

Mckraken: Are you squiding me??? YOU FORGOT ME
My(Now Oc) Persona Claire, used to be a Creepypasta OC, and now that I look back on her original backstory, AND design from the time of Google+, she was cringey as HELL, too over powered, and had too much of a generic backstory, but her backstory is still similar to the original now, and she's kinda now my intentional Mary Sue along with Akumu, who's my intentional Gary Stue(Or whatever to call a male Mary Sue) But I try to make them still functional RP characters.

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Fuwatty Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can´t br eathe
Claire-Drake-Corrupt Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Student General Artist
I just imagined that in my mind-

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Claire-Drake-Corrupt Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Student General Artist
Destine would be all like: "Can I cook him and feed him to my rats???"
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subzero118 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
QwQ thanks for the watch back!!! *le hugs you happily...then sees Ao and hides in the closet while shaking scaredly, causing it to move slightly* 
Fuwatty Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
On e of usagi's fans is following me and he likes my version of Ao better that hers

Claire-Drake-Corrupt Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student General Artist
Oh fuck-

Does that mean that he has left Usagi's side, or no?
Fuwatty Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ye s
Claire-Drake-Corrupt Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student General Artist
theryanjake11 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016
You may remember a Spider-Oni character that you drew a while back, well the drawing has inspired my next Ao Oni story which will focus on a half-spider half-Oni creature.

Don't worry it will be a different character, as different as I can make it. :)
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